Finding the best stethoscope for nurses

As a nurse you are always faced with new challenges on the job and you need to improvise on your feet and find feasible solutions to such problems without the assistance and the full backup that doctors usually have access to. Either because you are in the field, giving a first aid medical help to at a patient at his house or accompanying paramedics to an accident, you will be forced to make the most out of such situations with minimal resources available.

Therefore, the best stethoscope for a nurse is one that’s portable, so you can wear it in the field, made of high quality materials, as to not deteriorate even under non optimal cicumstances, with a good auscultation capability, because you will be required to perform basic checks but nothing too complicated, so you don’t need a very high sound accuracy, and relatively inexpensive, should you lose it in the field this should not be too much of a problem.

We believe that the best stethoscope for nurses is the Littmann lightweight stethoscope, and you can read a very detailed and in-depth review about it here: http://beststethoscopereview.com/littmann-lightweight-se-ii-stethoscope-review/.

I have been using a Littmann lightweight stethoscope for years and i never run into any problems with it. Made of high quality materials, this lightweight stethoscope has served me faithfully during my tenure as a nurse wherever i worked and provided excellent sound detection capabilities. In the meantime, i have tried several other stethoscopes from various manufacturers and even some more advanced models from Littmann and i never felt as comfortable with another stethoscope as to this one.

I see that this has been a very highly rated stethoscope by other nurses as well, which is why i feel confident in recommending it to my friends or acquaintances that ask me which model should they get, whether they are a practicing nurse or just a nursing student.

I wish someone would have recommended me this model when i was a nursing student myself, as i have wasted quite a bit of money on inexpensive stethoscopes that turn out to be really hard to perform auscultations with, either because of not detecting the sounds clearly enough or not blocking the external noise or the noise coming from tube friction which made it virtually impossible to perform a correct diagnosis.


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