If you’re searching for a razor that can give you a close shave without any cuts or scratches, Merkur Safety Razor is worth buying. In addition to the stylish design of Merkur Safety Razors, these provide a glowing skin after the shave. Steel used in manufacturing these razors is stainless, which ensures no bacterial attacks, and prevents skin infections and irritations. Similarly, using Merkur Safety Razors have several other benefits when it comes to having a healthy shave. Let’s now discuss on some of such benefits of using Merkur Safety Razors.

Unlike some of the other brands of safety razors, which are prone to rust only after a few times of use, Merkur Safety Razors offer high resistivity to rust, thus prevents skin infections due to rusts. For getting the desired result, it is highly recommended that users take some preventive actions before using one of these razors. Application of high quality shaving oil before applying shaving gel is suggested if you want a cut-free, smooth shave. Also, application of good quality after-shave cream further prevents skin infections.

Designs of all the models of Merkur Safety razors allows users to apply required force on the blades, which further ensures a perfect shave. The good news is, with Merkur Safety razors, users really don’t have to more the razor blades again and again over the same place to get a clean shave; a single pass of the razor blades is enough for a perfect shave. Moreover, the chance of drags or cuts is minimum if you select the best safety razor blades for you.

Another benefit of using a Merkur Safety Razor is the ability to clean the razor heads effectively. Most of the brands of safety razors give a close shave only in the first and second (sometimes only first) use, because hairs get accumulated in the nooks of the razor head, which is also the major cause for drags while shaving. On the other hand, Merkur Safety Razor offers ease of cleaning the razor heads, which further promotes close shave even after 5-7 times of use.

The user-friendly design of the handles allows proper grip, which avoids any slips, thus preventing accidental cuts. Models of Merkur Safety razors are mainly of two types: one with long and smooth handle, while the other with short but knurled handles. One of these designs perfectly fits in the hand of the user with either large hands, or small hands.



Shaving is really important when it comes to looking smart and being confident. A bad shave in the morning can cause negative effect on human psychology for the rest of the day! Using Merkur Safety Razor, in one hand, protects your skin from any possible cuts, scratches, or bacterial attacks, and in the other, boosts confidence for the rest of the day by giving you a clean shave. Thus, Merkur Safety Razor is really worth buying.