The acoustic medical device, stethoscope is used for auscultation and listening to internal sounds within a human or animal’s body. Doctors, nurses, medical students and many others use it to listen to heart and lung sounds. One can also use the medical device, stethoscope, to listen to the blood flow within veins and arteries and also to hear sounds in the intestines. The device is used in combination with the sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure. Stethoscope continues to offer the same benefits that it offered 200 years back. It acts as the primary tool for medical professionals as it helps in immediate spotting of heart beat, breathing, and several other abnormalities that may be present in patient’s patient’s body. Electronic versions of a stethoscope are gaining immense popularity. Nowadays, it is also used by common people at homes. Stethoscopes find tremendous application in homes.

Why you need a stethoscope on your home?
Stethoscope has become very useful as every one person out of ten suffers from heart ailments, strokes, diabetes, blood pressure. Residents may use a stethoscope to listen to the sound of heart, lungs and intestines of those who suffer from some sort of ailments at home. Before summoning the doctor or ambulance it may be used to track the position. In homes, individuals may immediately track abnormal functioning within the body systems and spot the problem immediately with the aid of the medical device. Some of the homeowners prefer special category of a stethoscope which is incredibly sensitive and can allow one to hear body sounds even through clothing.
The use of an electronic stethoscope at home…
The newest type of stethoscope that has come up on the market is the electronic stethoscope. Electronic version of a stethoscope has become immensely popular. It is far more useful than the traditional stethoscope. You can hear every sound inside lungs and intestines, and even heart beat clearly. This way, you can identify the problem easily even while at home. Advanced category of the stethoscope can allow one to record the picked up sound and play it back several times. Such a stethoscope may be employed for teaching the students and for future referencing. You only need to use replaceable batteries to keep the electronic stethoscope going. It electronically amplifies the sounds of the body to create higher intensity sounds. The device requires the transformation of acoustic sounds to electrical signals, which may in turn be amplified to get clearer sound. You can detect the sound simply by placing the microphone over the chest of the patient. Best part of using this kind of stethoscope is that it transmits sound electronically, and it may even be a wireless device.
The benefits of using an electronic stethoscope at home…
Electronic stethoscope offers the maximum convenience as it helps in sound reduction and even the enhancement of signals. You can gain both audio and visual output through this device. The diaphragm of the stethoscope responds to the sound wave, and hence, it might be considered identical to the acoustic stethoscope used conventionally. It offers tremendous amplification benefits.
The very invention of the stethoscope marked the important step in the redefining of diseases. Now it has found its way in homes for it is the standard tool used for performing clinical practices.