Pregnancy is a time when a woman ushers in new changes in her life, physically, emotionally as well as psychologically. Pregnancy brings on an overflow of inconsistent feelings. You may be feeling great and happy about the new life developing within you but the increase and expand in your body can make you feel uncomfortable and you may not feel all that beautiful at times and these are all natural feelings. Your breasts grow, your waistline recedes, and your belly swells, you may long to have your old body back.

In order to cope up with the term of pregnancy a few must haves are discussed here.

Vitamin supplements – A rich source of minerals and vitamins, these dietary supplements are definitely healthy but care must be taken that any side effect be avoided and hence doctor’s advice is recommended.

Maternity bra- There are several physical changes in the body of the mother at this time and one noticeable change is the development of breasts which is often painful. Here it is important that your extra-heavy breasts are supported during this time to prevent sagging after pregnancy.

Body pillow- Considering the fact that the body of the woman is growing at this time, it becomes very inconvenient for her to sleep comfortably. Her body is thus supported by a large pregnancy body pillow so that she can rest without any inconvenience.

Belly lotion- An effective lubricant must be used to avoid the irritation of itching that is caused due to dryness. Also such lotions help in avoiding stretch marks after pregnancy.


Safe beauty products- Care must be taken while following beauty regime by the mother-to-be for the products that she normally uses might have ingredients which might be harmful for her baby. Some products do contain questionable ingredients which hamper the growth and development of the baby in the mother’s womb.

Slide-on shoes – Also called flip-flops or slip-on shoes, these are the most comfortable for swollen feet. Make sure you pick some soft, supportive and cute looking ones. Marshmallow shoes are also very cushy and comfortable.

Maternity dresses, yoga and sweat pants and jeans- support you throughout your pregnancy and keep you and your baby fit and healthy. Stretchy leggings, yoga pants, jeans have proven to be life savers for many would-be mothers as they are very comfortable and the material grows as you grow.

When you are expecting, you need to take care of a lot of extra things like your belly itching and clothes that make you comfortable enough so that you can move around freely. These basic things will make the process much easier for moms-to-be.