As a nurse i get a lot of my friends asking me for help when they run into medical injuries that are not so bad as to require a visit to the hospital, but they may look pretty scary to an average person, not familiar with the basics of first aid.

Such an accident happened last weekend, when a friend of mine called me to assist him with a knife cut he suffered while he was sharpening his knives. I took my first aid kit, and haste-fully proceeded to assist as best as i could.

This made me write this article about knife related injuries that can actually be prevented following basic safety precautions. There are some people that sharpen their knives manually at home, using stones, and they are the number one source of such injuries. I always recommend my friends and acquaintances to just purchase an electric knife sharpener from here and forget about trying to sharpen their knives manually using stones, as it’s quite an outdated technique. Knife Sharpener Guru has a lot of useful reviews and tutorials on how to properly sharpen your knives as to avoid injuries, and that’s a great resource that i sent my friends too.

There are some manual knife sharpeners on the market too that can be used to sharpen your knives if you don’t prefer electrical ones, and they are pretty hard to cut yourself with due to good design.

Making sure that your blade is dry and not wet or slippery (unless you use special oil made exactly for this purpose) is another basic safety precaution you can take that will reduce the risks of visiting a doctor any time soon. Should this ever happen, i mean should you cut yourself while sharpening your knives, make sure to go to a doctor or a nurse as soon as possible to get the best professional medical help you can get. There is no need to risk further complications by trying to treat the wound yourself.