Many patients complain about the allopathic medication simply because not only does it have toxins, but it also comes with side effects. So if one part of the body is being cured, another is in pain. And this is not what healing should be all about. The medical community is constantly looking forward to alleviating the pain and pressure problems. That is why tens unit is in circulation. It is now being seen as an alternate to patients who wish to get relief from their back pain or knee pain without popping pills. However, without a physician’s advice, it could get unbearable. Could this device be applicable only for some patients under certain conditions only? How can one make optimum application, as it contains no chemicals or toxins or side effects?



Usefulness of the device

When a patient is considering options and asking why use tens unit for chronic pain relief, they need to understand how the device works. The TENS machine refers to the transcutaneous sensation which passes through the skin. The machine is strapped to the body, and it releases series of electric pulses into the body. They affect the pain signals that are sent to the brain. They work on the assumption that if the pain signals are interrupted at source, they do not reach the brain. When the brain does not get the signal, the pain is reduced.

Technical specification

The TENS machine has a high pulse rate (90-130Hz). They inhibit the pain emerging from the source (could be back or knees). When the pulse rate blocks the pain from the central nervous system then the brain does not react. The stimulant to feel the pain is not available. As the machine works, the brain gets its signals from the machine instead of the pain area. It slows it down. Often when one is injured or hurt, immediate rubbing the area slows the pain process. The heat traps the pain and does not let it move further on. The same machine also works on a slower pulse rate (2-5 Hz). In this method, the machine allows the body of the patient to produce the endorphins, the compound that eases pain. Again here the idea is to block the further release of pain.

Which patients can use TENS machines?

If the idea sounds good, a potential user still needs medical advice. This machine will not work in all kinds of conditions. Hence, a healthcare professional who knows how and why tens unit works will be able to guide. The patient is able to control the device and use it when required. Even the settings can be adjusted according to the level of pain. The machine can be combined for series of ailments that have pain levels. Those who suffer from migraine, regular headaches, arthritis, period pains, injuries due to sports, insomnia, dementia and even tiredness can use this machine.

Go slow on usage of the device until positive results develop. However, do speak to the physician about its safe uses even though it has minimal side effects.