There are a lot of people today looking for medical alternatives to pharmaceutical pain relief. Often times, when you complain about a soreness or pain in the body a doctor or pharmacist will recommend that you use a pill to alleviate the issue. However, some chronic illnesses and other problems with the muscles or nerve endings require stimulation and not just pharmaceutical solutions. As alternatives are sought, many find that there are a lot of different natural elements and options that can be explored. One such solution is that of TENS units. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and it’s been utilized for a great deal of time in hospitals and sports medicine clinics.


For The Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can manifest in a variety of areas of the body. Most common is the back, and joints. These places are subject to arthritis and that’s something that there’s no cure for. When diagnosed with chronic pain of this type, doctors have few remedies to help, and a prescription strength pain killer can be prescribed. These powerful options can lead to issues down the road, and even addiction. Finding alternatives is necessary for those that can’t deal with these stronger options, or would prefer not to go down that road. That’s where transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can definitely help. This option massages the damaged tissue and provides a slight electrical current, not a shock that stimulates the regeneration of cells and provides pain relief directly to the areas that are afflicted.


Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is one of the issues that plagues medical professionals. Cramping of the muscle, tears in the muscle, joint strains, and more are problematic for athletes today. In order to fix them, many routes are available, but recovery could be arduous at best. In order to get back on their feet, professional athletes utilize advanced transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines to help stimulate regeneration of cells in the damaged areas. This is in conjunction to surgery and more. Hard physical training and repair can be aided through the use of TENS machinery and could lead to a stronger, more sound recovery.

The Consumer Cost

The cost of one of the many TENS options available at the consumer level can fluctuate. There are some entry level solutions that cost around $20 to test. These will not provide intense relief, but they can help you gauge whether or not this option is right for you. Not everyone will feel the difference with this option, which is one of the major complaints associated with this option. However, for those that are definitely in support of using this type of therapy and have seen it work for themselves and others, solutions can rise to $1,000 or more. They will implement professional grade relief, so that is why the cost can be seen as high to some.

In the end, TENS can be a controversial solution to a medical problem, but it’s one that is definitely worth looking into. Whether you have chronic pain, are in need of help with muscle soreness, or therapy, it can definitely work wonders for your overall needs.